Sony Sony Sony -- the official evolution of Sony made by Sony

the first walkman ever -- the tps-l2

Sony Global - Sony Design - History

the wm-2

Sony Global - The Chronicle

the wm-r2

Sony Global - The 1980-s - mit Bildern - by Sony itself

the wm-f2

Walkman - described in Wikipedia

the wm-7

SONY´s Walkman - 25 years -- perfect overview - but in japanese

the wm-dd - sony walkman 20-years

the wm-f5

Sony collector´s page in french

the wm-20 - Vintage Sony Unofficial SONY vintage page

the wm-d6c


the wm-dc2

Sony's Sound-History since 1979

the wm-30

TC-D5M -- original catalogue in japanese language

the wm-f107

Sony Cassette Decks at the - all of them !!

the d-50 - the first discman ever --- and i got it :-)

SONY Tapes -- travel back in 60/90 minutes - another overview - Project C90

the wm-40

Uchida Radio - Radiostore in Tokyo Japan

the wm-dd2

Walkman Central - new reference site for products made by Sony

the wm-w800

Sony´s Microphone - a perfect overview

the wm-101

Klappzahlenwecker - Flip-Clocks - das Museum - german site / deutsche Seite

the wm-d3

TAPE RECORDER-Transistor Radio1980

the wm-f107

Japanese Site - Sony items between 1965 and ... - nice catalogue pages

the wm-150

Sony Walkman - another site - japanese

the wm-102

Sony Picture Museum -- all the good old movies on one Site

the wm-501 - pic 1

Small-Tiny-Micro TV sets by

the wm-501 - pic 2

Sony - your link here .... contact me !!

the wm-103

Radio Wallah - more really OLD Sony Transistor Radios

the wm-504

French Collection of Sony TR-Radio´s

the wm-701c - 4934 models/ 3933 images / 4890 prices / 1784 scanned pages

the d-88 - the smallest discman ever made -- i have one and had 2 :-)

Sony - your link here .... contact me !!

the d-250 -- solid metal .. probably the best :-)

Mixman's Sony Collection - my Sony-Fanboy-Friend from Germany

the d-350 -- lot´s of buttons

Sony - Transistor Radios - Overview - in japanese

the wm-702

Frank's Taschenfernseher: Die Röhren - SONY

the wm-dd9 -- the probably best walkman ever made

SONY Audio Cassettes -- a really good overview

the wm-f701c

Sony PS-F5, PS-F9 & Flamingo Portable Linear Tracking Turntables

the wm-190

Sony - blasters overview - in japanese

more than 20 years of walkman

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